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#197863 - Another light meal and we were ready when the guys turned up around 6, the girls soon had every hole filled and guys waiting, I got a few guys to open my ass up, while I watched the girls have fun, Jan was first to put on a show letting a dog fuck her ass, then straight after taking a horse in her butt too, joy followed soon after the guys all taking her mouth to keep their cocks happy as the dog filled her pussy, with its cum, then another horse fucked her. During the course of the night, we took all the guys and the dogs and horses too, our holes were gapping open, white cum dropping out as we moved, and several times I sat over Jan’s face dropping dog or horse cum in her mouth. The Monday was a public holiday, but we told Steve not to have to many guys there as by then we thought our holes would need a rest, so around lunch time a few guys arrived and we set about giving them a good time, after each had fucked us at least once, the girls got the dogs then horses to fuck t

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