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#323489 - I retired to the sofa & switched it on Debbie immediately started laughing , It tickles , she screamed, soon enough she realized it was not just tickling her , Arrr yes Daddy it feels arrh! so good, I played with the dial turning the power higher then lower , every time it reached high speed Debbies knees would flick up towards her belly , she had now forgotten all about the arse plug , stand up baby & dance for Daddy , Briefly i slowed it allowing her to rise , she tried hard to dance for me but the egg had her moves under my control. I was pretty much my own boss so took some time as holiday, We were going shopping for some special surprise toys today Debbie, she looked puzzled sitting next to me in the car on the short trip into town , untill we pulled up outside the local sex shop Now i'd been to this shop on many occasions over the last few years & had got to know the owner Mike well enough that he borrows me his illegal under the counter underage home movies

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