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#21521 - Her one hand went over her beating heart that felt like it was going to explode out of her chest as the other went to her forehead. ’ He pointed to it and said that he could see how wide my hole was. Kristen did you ever think that the reason why she had sex with those other men while you were at Disney World was because she was jealous?” Kristen said, “Who would she be jealous of? Mommy is one of the prettiest mommies alive!” Miles continued his groping of her ass and there was very little reaction or resistance from Kristen as his fingers began to pet her pussy over the thin triangle shaped layer covering her pink pussy and he said, “Your mommy could be jealous of you having sex with your daddy did you ever think about that?” Kristen pulled her head back and looked into his eyes, “But why? She wanted me to have sex with my daddy.

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