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#166849 - ' Her eyes bulged in her head and she screamed as if she'd been shot, as the un-natural stimulation overloaded her mind, her orgasms crashing in on her one after another so quickly that she fainted dead away, the machine unable to compensate for the speed of her reaction to the double fucking she was getting. The needles imbedded deep in her firm, ripe breasts started their magic again, and minute electric currents were send through selected probes into her brain. There was a long, long pause as she drifted down from the best orgasm of her short life, her taut, and supremely feminine body sagging in complete relaxation.

Read Lez 九ノ瀬貴音になりまして - Kagerou project Finger 九ノ瀬貴音になりまして

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Naruko anjou
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Yuuichirou tajima
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Yoriko yunoki
Very nice