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#149723 - As I started humping her hand back she was stroking me now just as fast and hard as she could. We left the hotel around 9pm that night we got there and me and her had a great time me allowing her to drink and me to drive ( because she was always better after about her 4th or 5th and a lot more fun) she was on about number 7 or 8 and had had 3 or so shots she was feeling no pain we had spent our limit of 1000 dollars so it was time to go as we headed back to the hotel we were both as hot as fire for each other we came in the hotel lobby there were a few older men checking out my wife witch I couldn't blame them as I noticed her left breast was almost all the way out of her blouse. I decided I would just give them a show if that's what they wanted I let my wife suck me for a few more minutes and the I laid her on the bed and started kissing down her chest as soft and as passionate as I ever have I took one of her big breast in my mouth as she danced across the bed I slide one

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