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#119743 - I watched her carefully and quickly grew as I saw her tears, her tears were turned me on. I put it into her moths and she slowly licked it, I smiled to myself and stood her up and said “I will uncuff you, bath and come downstairs naked if not, I will send the pictures I took of you to all the boys in our school!” she cried so I took that as a yes, I slowly uncuffed her and slowly un blinded her and she looked at me with such hate it made me get a boner, I smiled darkly at her “Be down in ten minutes!” She appeared in the living room and her eyes were down cast. She came back down wearing crackpots and a jumper, I smiled and her and she turned away from me so I walked behind her and held her wait, she flinched and was about to run until I pushed her down on the coffee table and said licking her ears, “Don’t forget who owns you now, she was shaking again, I smiled down at her and began exploring her through her clothes, she looked away in disgust , I laughed and tur

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