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#308900 - He’d have to be really feminine looking, with a sweetheart of a soul, he’d have to be circumcised, because to me uncut is just nasty. Now, here is the kicker, I’m attracted to tomboys and handsome women, I’m attracted to the Elle Macpheresons, the Sophia Laurens, and the Laetita Castas too, but mostly it’s the Charlotte Gainsbourghs, the Tatiana Grigorievas, the Milla Javovichs or the Selma Blairs that really drive me crazy. The house I lived in, was one of the first five standing on the road it sat back from.

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Hifumi izanami
Aylar lie was born in tehran she is of iranian azeri turkish origin and arrived in norway as a two year old she was raised by norwegian and iranian foster parents
Gourry gabriev
Fucking hot my turn
Soon as covid is over we wanna do this