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#83989 - Cal, she began, since you've been drinking I think you had better leave, school property is no place for that kind of activity! Cal gave a short harsh laugh and replied insolently, Who's been drinking, I don't see anyone drinking!!! Taking him by the arm, she started to lead him to the front door, but instead of going out, he veered off and headed down one of the dark corridors, laughing and singing as he went! Drunk as a skunk, she thought to herself, as she took off after him! By the time she caught up to him, they were far away from the gym, and as he turned to face her he said, Hey pretty teacher, you've got nice tits, why don't you let me touch them, while reaching out his hand for a quick feel!!! Kaye jumped back, but not soon enough, and the insolent junior's fingers brushed over her heavy chest! Stop that, she barked, stop that this instant and go home!!! Getting even bolder, Cal, a nineteen year old incorrigible, quickly cornered her,

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