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#123923 - The next two week or so passed without incident and I resisted the temptation to read any more of her emails , however in mid June Amanda started getting frisky and suggested that it might be nice to get some company round and smiled her wicked smile at me, “oh it will be fun, you will love it as always”,” Who”? I asked “not Jerry back, is it”? To which she then replied “lord no, he is long gone,” Who Then”? I demanded to know, “oh do wait and see you will spoil the surprise”, “When then” I asked, “Friday night” was her last reply as she skipped off mimicking childhood happiness, I again felt sick to my stomach, she popped her head around the corner and added “don’t worry you aren’t forgotten about” The following morning I read her emails again and discovered that Tim and big frank had been invited to call on Friday and Tim had been told to make sure he did not turn up alone as she could not wait to see Franks “childhood deformity” there was no mention of anyone else, but an email fro

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