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#235454 - It was her worst nightmare, they had ski masks on, so they couldn’t be identified, they called each other by a number, so no names, they had it all worked out. Sam handed me her coffee, I kissed her and thanked her, I said what happened this morning, they laughed and said well besides you getting Alicia pregnant, nothing, I said oh ok, and when I turned I realized what she said and turned and said what? They all laughed and came back inside with me, Katie said so stud, feel like fucking us all, we’re really horny, I said can I have something to eat first, Katie spread her legs and said breakfast is served, I said I was thinking on the lines of real food, she frowned and Alicia said well I’ll take it and she knelt in front of her and started licking her pussy. When she left she passed five guys, and as she got just passed them she heard one say, she was so much fun last night wasn’t she, she was so scared she ran to her car and locked the door and sat there crying.

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