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#111369 - It is 1870 and I visit my wife as she takes the air in the West Country and find her with Captain Rigsby, a notorious Gigolo and Cunningula Cuckolded by a Gigolo and Cunningula by abroadsword It was a beautiful afternoon when I returned to Manderley, I rode the long way following the cliff path from Polperro looking out over the channel at the ships plying to and forth on billowing sails instead of taking the direct way, my hireling steed more suited to ambling than the rush of business and I savoured the sea air as I returned dutifully to my ailing bride as she rested beside the sea. ” “Pah, we have twenty minutes and more to the Totnes stop,” I warned, “Disrobe and you Rigsby serve her,” I said and at once I took a dagger from my portmanteau and brandished it, “Shall I bare you forcibly Clarissa?” I asked, “Shall I slit your throat Rigsby. No 'tis true, she insisted, You make no protestations of love yet you make love with an intense passion, the sight of my b

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Takato matsuki
All side view all the time loved it
Very nice
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