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#417994 - “Just hurry up and tell me” “Well, after I left you behind the garage, I came back here to see if madam needed anything else before I went to bed, she was about to say something when you walked in on us, pale faced and out of breath We asked you what was wrong and you just asked madam to let you sleep in early, she offered you the guest room, but you decline and said you’d walk back to your house, I offered to walk with you but you stopped me” “I don’t remember any of those things” Julieta was now concerned more than ever. “Stop! Stop! Please! Stop, I can’t—fuck! Fuck, stop it! Agh, arrrgghh!” Julieta felt more of his cum explode inside her body. “Why are you guys looking at me like that?” Mercy wiped her hands on her apron and pulled Julieta to a corner.

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