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#343180 - Doug put on a pair of headphones, reclined his seat, and proceeded to doze off, while Missy, still high from the wine and company of the young man, tried to sleep, but instead just stared out into the blackness of the night. During one of these moments, and still slightly woozy, she was sure she felt a hand on the inside of her thigh!!! Struggling to open her eyes, she was engulfed by the darkness of the night, and was not sure exactly what was happening, but as her senses sharpened, she realized that she was right, Doug had slid his hand under her blanket and was caressing the inside of her leg!!! She star?ted to say something, but Doug put a finger over her lips and whispered in her ear, You are incredibly sexy, I just had to feel your body, do you mind?!? Her head was spinning, but the insistent fingers moving up her thigh were causing her vagina to drool in sexual anticipation! I'm old enough to be your mother, she whispered into his ear!!! No mother ever was as sexy as

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